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ENWORKS is helping thousands of businesses to make environmental best practice profitable. We help companies to use resources such as energy, materials and water more efficiently, and to reduce the amount of residual waste that goes to landfill.

Our hands-on resource efficiency support helps businesses to make more with less and to turn environmental risks into opportunities by: cutting costs, increasing profitability, safeguarding and creating jobs, retaining and securing sales contracts, and improving corporate reputation.

Our low carbon sector support offers businesses working within, or looking to diversify into, the low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) sector with additional support to grow and thrive, by: identifying growth opportunities, accessing new markets and supply chains, developing new products and services and improving competitiveness.  

The ENWORKS model is not about a single product or a single intervention, it is about finding solutions that work for each individual company and being there over time to help implement improvements.

We focus on supporting small and medium sized companies (SMEs) as they typically need the most support, but we have also worked with businesses of all sizes and sectors.

By keeping our scope broad we can deliver high value for money to the public purse. For every £1 invested by the UK in our work, we generate £10 of bottom-line savings for businesses.