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Low cost energy efficiency saving firms £290kSubscribe to our news feed

Since 2014, the Business Growth Hub has helped companies in Greater Manchester to save nearly £300,000 per annum through simple low or no cost energy efficiency measures.
Energy efficiency is increasingly recognised as a key tool to help businesses cut costs, improve resilience to price shocks and reduce environmental impact, but research suggests that confidence in the cost-effectiveness of energy saving technology is currently low.
However, evidence from ENWORKS and the Business Growth Hub in Greater Manchester shows that large savings can often be achieved with little or no upfront investment.
Over the last two years, the Business Growth Hub’s Green Growth team, which is built on the foundations of the ENWORKS service, has helped companies in Greater Manchester to achieve total annual savings of over £290,000 through energy efficiency measures with a capital expenditure of just £2,000 or less.
Samantha Nicholson, head of low carbon at the Business Growth Hub, said: “Our track record shows that energy efficiency doesn’t have to involve large capital investments to have a significant impact on energy bills.
“A thorough review of a company’s site can often uncover substantial savings from easily missed problems that can be fixed at little or no cost and therefore pay back immediately.”
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