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ENWORKS is supporting thousands of businesses with the transition towards a vibrant, sustainable and low-carbon economy for the future. Here are the cumulative savings we have helped businesses achieve to date, through intensive resource efficiency support:

£316 million

Cost savings achieved in businesses, by improving environmental performance

1.3 million


Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) saved - like driving a Hummer from Manchester to the moon nearly 8,000 times

30.6 million

Tonnes of solid, liquid and gaseous materials saved - enough to build nearly 12,000 Blackpool Towers

14.9 million


Cubic metres of water saved - enough to fill over 5,913 Olympic sized swimming pools



Jobs created or safeguarded

£371 million

Sales increased or safeguarded

1.1 million


Tonnes of waste diverted from landfill - the weight of over 5,846 Blue Whales



Businesses advised, including over 5,500 assisted with intensive resource efficiency support;

3,716 individuals have been helped with environmental training and skills development