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ENWORKS helps haulage firm to save £640k a yearSubscribe to our news feed

Food haulage company, Abbey Roadtanks, has been working with a local ENWORKS adviser from Groundwork Merseyside to achieve annual cost savings of over £640,000 at its Liverpool depot.

The savings have been made through low-cost resource efficiency improvements, responsible for over 653,000 litres of fuel oil and diesel, 10,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity and 10,000 m3 of mains water savings per year.

The Bootle-based SME runs one of the largest privately owned tanker fleets in the UK, including foodstuff tankers, heated chocolate tankers and refrigerated trailers.

Quick wins

Following an on-site resource efficiency review in 2009, pipework and tanks at the main depot were insulated to reduce heat loss, bringing cost savings of more than £11,900 a year and annual resource savings of 32,400 litres of fuel oil.

Due to its strong focus on food hygiene, Abbey Roadtanks uses specialist washing facilities to sterilise its vehicle fleet.

As a result of the ENWORKS recommendations, the wash bays were modified so that warm waste water that would previously have been thrown away was channelled back to heat up the fresh, incoming mains water.

This resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of water and energy needed to heat the wash water to boiling point, bringing substantial savings on annual utilities bills.

Staff have also been shown how to minimise the amount of water used for cleaning tankers and drivers have undergone efficiency training to help them optimise fuel efficiency and reduce the fleets’ CO2 emissions.

Skylights have been fitted to let in more natural light, saving another 4,400 kWh of electricity and £350 a year on electricity bills.

Abbey Roadtanks' managing director, Steve Lucy said: "We would like to thank the team at Groundwork Merseyside for their valued insight and support."

Posted 25 November 2010