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Lightweight bottle to transform efficiency of wine industrySubscribe to our news feed

An innovative, lightweight wine bottle has been designed in Britain which could help the UK wine industry meet its targets for reducing glass waste and carbon emissions.

The new, 300 gram screw-cap bottle is the first of its kind in the world and is 188g lighter than the average wine bottle on sale today. It is also 40g lighter than the previous lightest bottle manufactured in Britain. Its design is now available online for free download.

The packaging is one of the key achievements of a four-year initiative, GlassRite Wine, launched in 2006 by WRAP, the national, non-profit Waste & Resources Action Programme. It was designed by Quinn Glass and has already been taken up by major UK supermarkets.
If the 300g bottles were adopted for all wine sold in the UK, including wine manufactured overseas, there would be an annual glass saving of 153,000 tonnes, equivalent to the combined weight of more than 460 jumbo jets, and a 119,000 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions.

The GlassRite Wine project challenged companies to identify opportunities to make environmental and commercial savings in the wine sector. Since its launch it has already reduced the UK's total glass bottle weight by 27,048 tonnes and, together with an increased use of recycled glass in wine bottle manufacture, has contributed 35,000 tonnes of annual CO2 savings.

The project has also encouraged the use of bulk importation in the UK wine industry, so that wine is shipped over in large vats rather than bottled at source, to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions from transportation.

Posted 10 June 2010