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Efficiency drive saves Salford hotel over £133kSubscribe to our news feed

A Salford hotel is set to benefit from over £133,250 in annual cost savings by improving its energy and water efficiency, following free support from ENWORKS.

Over the last 18 months the Lowry Hotel has worked closely with a locally-based ENWORKS adviser from Groundwork Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Tameside & Trafford (MSSTT) to improve its resource efficiency and environmental performance.

The 164-room, five-star Lowry Hotel is located in the redeveloped Chapel Wharf area of Manchester. Earlier this year it won a Silver award in the Large Hotel of the Year category for the Enjoy England Awards for Excellence.

A range of opportunities to improve its resource efficiency and reduce its operational costs have been identified following a full, on site review.

With a limited capital investment that will pay back in just over six months, an annual saving of £22.939 has been made to the hotel’s electricity costs. Traditional 20, 35 and 50 Watt dichroic light bulbs have been replaced with new, energy efficient LED bulbs. Switching computers off when they are not being used has also saved a further £2,205 each year.

Savings of £29,117 a year are being made on heating bills, by fitting thermostatic controls and reducing standard temperatures by just 1˚C throughout the hotel.

ENWORKS is also supporting managers to implement a recycling scheme which could help to divert up to 731 tonnes of waste from landfill and save another £23,382 per year. According to environmental charity, Wastewatch, up to 70 per cent of general waste now has the potential to be recycled.

Further opportunities have also been identified to reduce water use, including the potential to install water aerators on taps and restricted-flow showers. For a small initial outlay, these measures could save a combined £19,514 a year and 9,757 m3 of water use.
'Really improve profitability'
Local ENWORKS adviser, John Grimshaw at Groundwork MSSTT, said: "There are so many ways that businesses like the Lowry Hotel can benefit from improving resource efficiency. It not only boosts a hotel’s reputation with guests but can also result in significant cost savings which can really improve profitability.

"Most of the initiatives we recommend can be implemented very easily, often at little or no cost at all. Others may have a short payback period of, for example, a year, but can make a huge difference to the prospects of a business in the medium to long term."

ENWORKS provides free resource efficiency support to small and medium sized businesses across the North West. Its network of local and sector specific advisers help companies to reduce energy, water and material use, manage waste, review design specifications and improve process efficiency.

Posted 15 September 2010